Awake In the Dawn: Living the Lord’s Prayer (Pastors Congregation Bundle)


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Each day, Awake in the Dawn leads you into the strength, wisdom, and spiritual adventure of living the Lord’s Prayer.

Morning by morning, He awakens me and opens my understanding to His will.
Isaiah 50:4

When we choose to give the Lord our early morning moments, what He gives to us in return often surprises and delights us. Awake in the Dawn is a simple daily offering of encouragement that will help you start your day with the Lord and reflect on one of the most beautiful prayers given to us in God’s Word—the Lord’s Prayer.

Each daily writing follows one of the seven main themes of the Lord’s Prayer and is comprised of three sections: Word, a Scripture included for meditation, Thought, a reflection on the Scripture or day’s theme, and Prayer, a prayer offered to enter conversation with the Lord.

Allow yourself to dive deeper into Scripture and grow your personal connection with Jesus. Awake in the Dawn will provide you with a sweet time to meditate on the promises of Christ. It will strengthen your prayer life and help you grow in your love for and understanding of the Lord.


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